Macy Dorf

Macy Dorf graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1967 with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in ceramics. After a year teaching in the city of Chicago, he moved to Colorado and started "TWO POTTERS" in Littleton, with partner Larry Wright, where he concentrated on making production pottery.

In 1973 he went to France to study ceramics as an apprentice in the village of La Bome, where he helped to fabricate large clay sculptures while exploring his own work. In La Bome the work was fired in large traditional wood kilns.

Upon returning to Colorado, he lived and worked in Durango making production pottery for eight years before returning to Denver where he began working at what is now known as Artists on Santa Fe. There he has sustained his production work and has begun an exploration of making one-of-a-kind sculptures.

His work has been shown in shops and galleries from coast-to-coast in the U.S., and has been collected by private buyers for over 40 years.