Rebecca Gorrell

Rebecca Gorrell is an artist, teacher, and rock climber living in Crested Butte, Colorado. While she has been involved in artistic pursuits her whole life, she has devoted herself to painting, as much as a mother of a teenager can, since retiring from math teaching in 2017. She is primarily self-taught. 

Rebecca rarely paints the grand scene, the iconic mountain, unless she sees something which makes it personal to her, and to the viewer. The scenes she usually gravitates toward are the smaller, more intimate ones - the ones we might overlook if we were sightseeing in a foreign place, but would gravitate to if we were looking for a place to sit quietly with a book, have a visit with a friend, or take a swim under the big, big sky. 

Rebecca has shown her work in Colorado and Maine, and in juried national shows and plein air festivals.

“When I paint, I see more clearly, and I hope that seeing my paintings makes others see more clearly too. I want people to turn from my paintings back to seeing their world around them, and to notice more of the gorgeous lines between light and shadow, to resonate to the warmth of light falling across a wall or rock, outlining a tree and haloing a roofline."

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