Karen Immerso

Karen Immerso is a Gunnison artist who enjoys producing wheel thrown and hand built pottery.  She has a Master's Degree in Experiential Education. Both in ceramics and other realms of teaching, her philosophy has always been about “hands-on” learning: her own and others. Karen has taught and coordinated ceramics classes at the Gunnison community Arts Center for over 20 years. Her functional pieces are consistent in shape, form and color. She loves the forming and shaping of pottery in the wet work stage of creating ceramic ware.  She considers hands-in-clay as a connection with the earth, with beauty, with a natural process.  She chooses high-fired stoneware clay and glazes that offer a sense of “simple”, “earthy” and “useful”. She has a cooperative pottery studio at the Johnson Building in downtown Gunnison and has been showing her work here at the Rijks Gallery since 2009.

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