Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts is a contemporary landscape artist who divides her time between the Denver and the mountains of southern Colorado.

"I’m fascinated by the ever-changing moods of the natural world--the color of uranium mountains at sunset, purple snow shadows on a cactus field, or the sky’s electric intensity before a thunderstorm. I’m also interested in the moods, or states of mind evoked by being in nature, and enjoy the challenge of expressing these emotions in color and form. 

"Each piece I create is an attempt to plant a seed of awareness, and to invite the viewer into a deeper experience of their own awareness—a sort of meditation in action. My hope is to convey how art is a bridge to this experience of spaciousness in the mind and that this is what connects us all."

Kim's work is about space, whether it's the vast expanse of a mountain landscape or the quality of mind that accommodates all that arises within it. She tries to capture the ineffable atmosphere of the  beautiful Colorado landscape.