Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson has been a full-time Potter for over 40 years on the western slope of Colorado in Montrose. He was born in Denver Colorado, college at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, Michigan, and Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he studied with Jim and Nan McKinnell.

Bill feels very fortunate to have chosen this for his life's work. It includes all the four elements so it keeps him grounded and focused. His work has evolved over the years and he finds himself still working in Porcelain and stoneware that he fires in a reduction firing at 2300°F that gives the beautiful depth and character to the glazes and clay bodies. Most of his recent work is with Shino glazes that contain soda ash which grows salt crystals that melt at about 2000° to capture the, carbon, un-burnt fuel, that gives both the golden and blackish colors that appear with the orange Shino glazes on his work.

He has had over 40 apprentices throughout the years and 20% of them are making their living or some part of their income with their ceramics!

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