So much to learn

Friday, February 7, 2020

This evening I thought I’d simply post an image of today’s snow. Only the picture was portrait and the program wanted landscape so it flipped the picture onto its side. I cropped the picture thinking that would fix it. However, the program took the uncropped version. So I saved a duplicate copy of the cropped picture and voila. The program accepted it.

It’s been a busy day of learning. I added information to a number of the artists’ pages. I discovered that the font I had chosen for the links and the artists’ names on their pages was not supported on Google. So I had to find another font and change all the artists’ pages to use that font.

It’s fun learning and seeing progress, but so many things to check. This evening I checked to see how the artists' pages were showing up. I’d forgotten to select “fit” for images so I had to go back and correct that. I also discovered several of the texts boxes did not fit completely on my phone’s screen. So back to fix that.

I hope you are enjoying watching our new website develop. I have not decided yet how I am going to add a comment possibility to our blogs. More research needed there. Enjoy your evening.