Living Journeys - Ninth Piece

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Hello again! We're well into the summer now, and today we're moving on to our next piece for the Living Journeys fundraiser! This one is a bit different from the others we've had so far. It's a signed and numbered lithograph called "Getting Ready" or "Ballerina" by French artist Pierre LeTellier. LeTellier was a Postwar and Contemporary painter. He was born in Caen, in the northern part of France, in 1928. His first exhibition was held in 1957 and he worked with many different mediums over the years. He passed away in 2000. Outer dimensions are about 30" x 23" and the retail price for this piece is $250, but you can get it for $150 plus tax. That $150 will go straight to Living Journeys.