French Cheese

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Hello, everybody!

We are very excited for this month’s art walk. Featured artists include Suzanne Pierson, Kris Hess, Karen Hill, and Patricia Amlin, members of our local watercolor society. We’re going to go all out this month, with the finest cheeses imported directly from France. We will also be serving wine once again - again, imported directly from France, and Champagne from, you guessed it, Champagne! Champagne is in France! Everything is French! So fancy!

Of course, due to health concerns about COVID-19, we will be following the guidelines for social events. As both Teresa and Jos are over the age of 60 and thus are considered to be at increased risk, they will not be able to attend and thus not be able to properly oversee the event. Since it would be ridiculous to just let all you young ones come on in and party without them, we, the young stockholders, are not going to let you. It will be their party. Through the doors and windows you can watch them having the time of their lives. Actually, it won’t technically be a party, since they wouldn’t be allowed to do that, but you get the idea. No cheese for you. We have the cheese. It is our cheese. We are the cheese masters. All hail the cheese. Cheese forever. Cheese is life. Do not cross the cheese.

We hope to see you out there!

Diana Rijks, Director of Social Media and Devoted Servant of Cheese